TeeBox Honors Club

What is the TeeBox Honors Club?
It's our exclusive members club for anyone that has a coffee subscription.
How do you join our TeeBox Honors Club?
All you have to do is save money...wait what? Yes, by signing up for a subscription, as long as you are a subscribing member of TeeBox you are considered apart of the TeeBox Honors Club, meaning discounts and access to exclusive merch.
So what perks do you get in the TeeBox Honors Club?
You get 15% off on your coffee and merch purchases! 
Every time you buy a bag of coffee from TeeBox, sign up for a subscription, refer a friend, share us to your socials, you will earn points, and those points can in turn be redeemed for tons of rewards, like entries into giveaways, select VIP promotions, free coffee, gift cards for our merch, etc.
By signing up for a subscription (any length of time) you automatically join our Honors Club for the duration of your subscription (membership). You can start earning 1.5x points on all coffee purchases (Compared to 1x point in the Tribe Club). It's that simple.
If you sign up for a subscription - you automatically become a member of the Honors Club with added benefits such as free shipping, exclusive merch drops, extra discounts, etc.