TeeBox Tribe

So what is the TeeBox Tribe? 

It's for all of our passionate, loyal customers that buy coffee and merch from us! If you drink coffee and play golf, you are welcome in the TeeBox Tribe! This is where you can earn points to redeem for rewards without having a coffee subscription. If you are more of the non-commitment type, someone who doesn't like to subscribe to anything more than Netflix, we understand, no hard feelings! You can still get points from every purchase made!

How do I sign up? 

It's easy! Just enter your email on the pop up on the home page, and if you don't see the pop up, after you make each purchase you will see a designated area to sign up. It just allows you to have a free account to make sure you get rewarded for your purchases with us!

What is the difference between the TeeBox Tribe and The Honors Club?

You can earn points and rewards in both, but in The TeeBox Tribe for every purchase you earn 1x point in return. For The Honors Club you would get 1.5x points. You receive exclusive discounts in The Honors Club that you won't get in the Tribe, and then you will get Free Shipping on orders + 10% discount that you only get in Honors Club. Both clubs are great, and have great benefits, we love you either way.