Country Club K-Cups (12 Count)

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We are introducing one of our most popular coffees, our Country Club blend, which is essentially a cowboy blend of medium and dark roast coffees, to give this one a deep, complex flavor complex. This one is what we like to call for our serious golfers (coffee drinkers), although in all honesty it be seriously enjoyed by all skill levels, trust me. 

-->Flavor Profile:  Cocoa and Caramel

This is an experimental test run for us - we have had many requests to have Single Serve Pods, and so we listened!

Quantity: 12 ct.


ATTENTION: Please brew with your coffee machine settings on 6-8 oz of water. Anything more you won't get the most flavor out of these pods.


**These are all roast to ordered Single Serve Pods (K-Cups), meaning all the coffee is completely fresh and meant to be enjoyed the same as our ground coffee, and are not nitro plunged, so please do not leave out baking in the sun, as it will corrupt the brilliant flavor profile we aim to bring you every single round.


**Also product image is a mock-up and what is delivered won't match the box exactly as this is a limited release experiment

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